Our Elders

Jeff Porter | Lead Pastor

Jeff and his wife, Amber, moved to Arden in 2006. They have three sons: Canaan, Jordan, and Judah. Jeff graduated with his M.Div. from Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity in 2006. At Redeemer, Jeff is the primary preaching elder and oversees the discipleship ministries of the church. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking (and eating!), and playing with his kids.

Greg Hostetler | Elder

Greg and his wife, Lisa, have lived in the Asheville area since 2002 and have three children. Jared is married and living in Raleigh, NC; Jenna is married and works as an English tutor in the Middle East, and Anna is married and is in college at UNC. Greg was drawn to Christ in high school. He holds a master’s degree in music from the University of South Carolina. He desires to help all develop a passion for giving God the glory He so rightly deserves. Greg enjoys hiking and spending time with his wonderful family, especially his grandchildren.

Jason Yocum | Elder

Jason first began to consider God as an adult, when he recognized that the beauty and order seen in nature could not have come into existence simply by random chance and time. An odd circumstance led to him picking up a Bible. After reading it over the next few months, Jason wondered if there might be a church that teaches what he was reading and that had people interested in actually living what was being taught. He found it at what is now Redeemer Community Church. Jason is honored to serve the local body of Christ. He is married to Inna and has two sons, Franklin and Anderson.